Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Thoughts

This workshop has been amazing!  I have met so many cool people with whom I hope to stay in contact.  Living in the dorms was great because I got to have the experience of living and working with others on a 24-hour basis.  There was not a single activity we did that I did not enjoy. The professors that worked with us were so nice and informative; they really made the experience all worthwhile.  I will miss everyone dearly.  I hope that everyone stays in touch and that we all have the chance to work together again someday.

When I came to this workshop I only knew Elizabeth Winton....that made the experience a little more comfortable, having a good friend here with me.  BUT I have to say I'm sooooo happy to have met (DA GUHZ) Malaizsa, Dana, and Zoe.....AKA: Granny, Sleepy, and Flower...I will probably miss them most of all :)

Favorite Medium

It's very hard for me to select one medium as my favorite.  I very much enjoyed every medium, but if I'm forced to choose ONE, I would have to say it was broadcasting.  I really enjoyed being on camera and working with Keona, Rodney, and Jared.  I also really had fun doing the radio.  Working at the Printz was a lot fun....that was probably because I love to write, and partly because Dr. Jenkins is soooooo cool! ;)

Living on campus

Living in the dorms was probably my favorite part of the experience.  I got the opportunity to learn how to interact with people when you live with them in large groups.  Before this workshop, I absolutely did not want to live on campus.  However, now I really hope to live on campus in the dorms.

I plan on attending USM when I graduate.  Therefore, this workshop was very beneficial for me because I have met several professors, learned things about the university, and gotten some preview of how the campus is set up, so maybe getting around will be a little easier.